starting a business


Why do I need a course?  Why can't I just go ahead and start my business?

You can just go ahead and start your business if you feel confident that you know about everything involved.  However, you most certainly owe it to yourself to ensure that you are best placed from a knowledge, understanding and skills perspective to be able to take on all aspects of the tasks and responsibilities in front of you.  You can read the course description in the courses section to give you an indication of everything that is involved.  Making just a few small mistakes could cost far more than any course. 


I don't know where to start, so will the course clarify what I have to do to get my business started?

The course sets out a logical process of the fundamental aspects of starting and growing a business, and as such it is formulated to give delegates the information required  that will allow them to progress their ideas with confidence.  Completing the course is a good way to ensure that you are doing the right things, in the right order, at the right time and in the right way.

What is the duration of the course?

The course is undertaken for the duration of five consecutive working days (generally Monday to Friday).  Please see our available dates and venues.

I don't have a clue about business so will I get left behind?

You do not need any prior knowledge or experience of business.  The course sets everything out very clearly in a logical developmental manner, however it does move along at a moderate but manageable pace and therefore all delegates benefit from applying themselves with enthusiasm and awareness.


My business proposal is fairly specialist, will the course be suitable?

The course has been developed to portray the fundamental principles that bring about business success and are applicable to all business sectors.  The tutor endeavours to make relevant references to individual sectors relating to delegates whenever appropriate.


I have already started my business.  Is it too late to do this course?

No, quite the opposite.  You will acquire a great deal of additional relevant information that will assist you in the running of your business.  Whilst this course is principally aimed at those seeking to embark on a new venture, there is a profusion of constructive, important and useful information that will also be beneficial for those already up and running.  After the course, it is not uncommon to receive comments from delegates that have already started, like "I wish I had done this six months ago, and could have avoided so many mistakes" or "now I know why I haven't been selling enough".


I have some business experience but have some gaps.   Can I just do certain modules?

The course is geared to cross reference between all aspects of business throughout the three core modules.  As such we feel that it compromises the overall beneficial effect to delegates by only completing a part of the course and therefore we are unable to accommodate single module training.


Can I split the course into separate one day courses in order to accommodate my availability?

Unfortunately this is not practical from a learning or administrative perspective.  The flow of the course is more beneficial when it is completed in one consecutive five day period.  Delegates generally find it easier to absorb the knowledge and skills with continuity.


It's some time since I was last in a classroom.  Will it be like going back to school?

The course is conducted in a very easy, open and interactive manner that bears little resemblance to school.  Whilst there is inevitably tuition, it is interspersed with case studies, video, on-line learning, role play, brainstorming, group activities, spreadsheet exercises, strategic probing, and developmental questioning.


Can I offset the cost of the course against tax?

You should be able to claim for tax relief for your business on the full amount of the cost of the course.   You may also be able to claim relief against additional attendance expenditure such as accommodation, meals, and travel.


Will taking the course guarantee that my business will be successful?

No - nobody can guarantee that your business will be successful, because it depends so much upon so many factors, not least of which is your own application.  However, completing the course successfully will ensure that you are best equipped to drive forward with the skills and knowledge gained to give your enterprise the best chance of becoming a successful profitable business.


Do I need any knowledge of business to undertake the course?

No, the course will guide you through all of the aspects of business that you need to be familiar with in a logical, easy to understand manner.

Will I have to share my business idea with others on the course?

Not if you don't want to, however having an outline of the business will help the tutor to relate aspects to your specific sector/business idea during the course.  Generally course attendees are not interested in the proposals of others because they are confident that they have a great prospect idea themselves and are eager to get it out there, however you do not need to disclose anything that you do not wish to.


Will refreshments be provided?

Refreshments are provided during the coffee breaks, and a light lunch is provide at lunch time.

I will need to travel.  Where can I get accommodation?

Many of our venues have on-site accommodation available (please enquire directly with the respective venue).  The delegate is responsible for organising their own transport and accommodation.


How many attend each course?

Each course will generally have 12 delegates which is viewed as the optimum number for workshop activities and total delegate inclusion, though in some circumstances it could be more or less.


Will there be an opportunity to network?

It is a very good opportunity to network because you will be interacting daily with a group of aspiring entrepreneurs who are also in a similar position to yourself.