‘Starting and Developing a Profitable Business’

Course Synopsis

The purpose of this course is to provide individuals who are considering starting a business, with the knowledge and skills required to establish a structure and set of practices that will create a stable platform from which a business can flourish.  The course not only covers all of the relevant business theory, but through a series of workshop exercises, prepares the learner with all of the practical knowledge needed to start, develop and grow a profitable business.

Workshops for Business

Course Structure

Providing a great and rewarding experience

The programme will provide learners with the advice, information, support and guidance required to start, develop and grow a profitable business.  It will provide a framework to guide them through the stages of setting up and advancing their business, and install the confidence and understanding that will enable them to make sound decisions about every aspect of their venture. This in turn presents the learner with the skills and knowledge that will equip them to develop the business successfully.


Modular structure

The programme is presented over 5 days through 3 core modules that cover the fundamental principal aspects of developing a business –

  • Organising and Creating the Platform

  • Marketing & Selling

  • Financial Control

Each module has sub-modules which in turn have learning outcomes that address each element of the module as individual subjects, so that the learner has a logical process to follow that is presented to them in managed sections.


The programme will also have each subject matter interspersed with Activity Workshops of an individual and group nature giving the learners the opportunity to develop their skills, whilst sharing their knowledge and experiences with others.


The course activity will be presented using a mixture of techniques in the form of lectures, case studies, video, on-line tuition, role play, brainstorming and spreadsheet exercises.

Transferable skills

All learners will also benefit from their own personal development and the transferable skills that they will develop to include, Managing People, Organisational, Communication, Negotiation, Selling, Listening and Motivational Skills



Upon completing the course, the learners will be provided with a set of spreadsheet work aids (as used on the course), that will allow them to undertake their own product/service costing exercise, develop a financial forecast and carry out their own bookkeeping for their business.

Course accreditation

Every Learner that has completed the course satisfactorily will also receive a 'CPD Standards Office Accredited Certificate from Red Palm Business Training.


Course attendee numbers

Each course will generally accommodate 12 candidates.

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